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Wizard Variant from UA
Jose's Character

Hey Mondo, these were the two variants I wanted to use for the wizard.

A wizard who uses the arcane domain system (called a domain
wizard) selects a specifi c arcane domain of spells, much like
a cleric selects a pair of domains associated with his deity. A
domain wizard cannot also be a specialist wizard; in exchange
for the versatility given up by specializing in a domain instead
of an entire school, the domain wizard casts her chosen spells
with increased power.

Arcane Domain: At 1st level, a domain wizard selects an arcane
domain from those listed below. (At the DM’s discretion,
the player might create an alternatively themed domain instead.)
Once selected, the domain may never be changed.
A domain wizard automatically adds each new domain spell
to her list of known spells as soon as she becomes able to cast it.
These spells do not count against her two new spells known per
wizard level.
p. A domain wizard casts spells from her chosen domain (regardless
of whether the spell was prepared as a domain spell
or a normal spell) as a caster one level higher than her normal
level. This bonus applies only to the spells listed for the domain,
not all spells of the school or subtype whose name matches the
domain name.

So I would obviously choose the Transmutation domain which features these spells, which I cast a +1 caster level.

Transmutation Domain
0—mage hand; 1st—expeditious retreat; 2nd—levitate; 3rd—haste;
4th—polymorph; 5th—baleful polymorph; 6th—disintegrate; 7th—
reverse gravity; 8th—iron body; 9th—shapechange.

I figured this would be a bit more flavorful than the standard specialist ability from the vanilla wizard.

The other variant I wanted to use was this one also from Unearthed Arcana book.

Some wizards trade their knowledge of magic and craft to improve
their combat prowess.
Gain: Bonus feat list (as fi ghter; bonus feats gained at 1st level
and every fi ve levels as wizard).
Lose: Scribe Scroll, wizard bonus feat list.

I was probably gonna pick up Toughness for the +3 HP or just Improved Initiative.

Overall I wanted to showcase a character who was a bit different from an average wizard/ guildmage character. If you want me to stick with the standard wizard specialist I’m fine with that too. I can make mostly anything work.

Sounds good, the domain wizards makes sense for simic, remember i can also give you grafts instead of feats, just keep it to non mecahnical or undead grafts and you should be fine, but run them by me just in case you break something.

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