The Izzet League

From Nivix, their massive thinktank building., the Izzet live only to see how far their experiments will take them. While originally they were to provide the city of Ravnica with public services, the drive and desire of the League have made them into reckless experimenters, always trying out new techniques and methods devised by the great Firemind himself for whatever mysterious reasons which only he knows.

Playable Races:

Unique race:
(elemental templated humanoids of either the fire or water elemental template) Your experiments with the Izzet League have either fused you partially with elemental energies or your parents experimented on them before you were born. Quite possibly your whole life has been engineered by the Izzet League to see how you would come out.


Changeling: The mercurial nature of the izzet league has led you to feel at home here, able to feel you fit in not because of what you look like but because of what you know.

Goblin The Goblin need for thrills has led many to join the league as laborers, knowing that izzet experiments in the steam tunnels and water pipes can be a dangerous journey on its own. Some goblins see the insane order of the league and wish to join as engineers and spellmages, hoping they can learn to create even bigger explosions than they could have ever dreamed of.



Unique Class: Artificer: The izzet need for innovation has led them to be the premier artificers of the city.


Wu Jen: A mysterious wizard of the eastern world, whose arcane lore revolves around mastery of the elements.

Sorcerer: This izzet spellcaster can call upon arcane powers from even outside of his guilds schools of magic.

Rogue: Izzet rogues specialize in trapmaking and deactivating of traps. They focus on getting access to places where they aren’t supposed to be.

Guildmage: The izzet guildmages only have access to the schools of Evocation and Abjuration.



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